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The good news is that even though many bits of your life can't carry on during the Covid Pandemic you can still do your DofE!


It isn't the same as how we normally run DofE but it still allows you to get this fantastic qualification and have some new experiences.  In terms of how the DofE works at the moment we need to think about the 4 different sections that make up the DofE, these are volunteering, skill, physical recreation and of course the expedition.  


Expedtion: This is for many people the most memorable part of their DofE, at the moment we can't run expeditions as we normally would,  however you wouldn't complete it until next spring anyway.  If we are back to normal life by then then we will run expeditions as normal.  However if there are still restrictions in place due to Covid then we can run an alternative expedition format,  where you do the usual number of days walking but don't stay overnight. This way you still get to spend time outdoors with your friends and get to gain your DofE.


Volunteering, Physical Recreation and Skills: You would normally complete some of the activities for these sections out and about which you now can't do.  However the DofE have made changes which mean that you can complete all of these sections from home.  For ideas of what to do then click on the page for 'DofE sections during Covid'.



Finally make sure you follow us on Instagram, @nptdofe, as we will be posting new ideas for things you can do all the time.