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Kit Lists and Packing Info



Expedition Information



If you are on this page you must have an expedition coming up soon.  Hopefully you’re pretty excited... you should be!  Get ready for an amazing experience...


On the left (or below if you are on a phone) of this page you’ll find various links with essential information to help you prepare for your expedition.  Please, please, spend time getting properly prepared for your expedition: I promise you - it will make all the difference.  


There are two kit lists, one for bronze and one for silver (for Gold kit list go to open gold centre page).  Please use these kit lists on not the one produced by the DofE directly as their kit list will try and encourage you to buy far more expensive equipment than you need.  


In terms of equipment we can lend you rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags and will provide the cooking stoves.  Speak to your DofE leader to borrow a rucksack or tent as they need to be reserved.  Things like walking boots can be bought very cheaply in Sports Direct, you don't need expedsive boots at all.  


It is essential  you also read the 'how 2 pack exped rucksack' document, if your bag isn't packed right then the assessor won't let you start the exped.


Also read the food advice document (food 4 B&S) to ensure you have the right food.


Remember your kit will be checked by an Expedition Assessor before you leave for the expedition, if you don't have the right equipment properly packed then they may not let you do the expedition.


Also get together in your expedition team and sort out who is going to carry what.  There is no point in all of you taking a tube of toothpaste or a can of deodorant for example.  You’ll also need to split up the group equipment, things like: tents, stove and fuel for the stove.  Decide who is going to take what.  The tent will split into the inner part, the outer part and the poles and pegs.


Most importantly, be ready for the challenge of a lifetime: you will have an unbelievable time and a sense of achievement that you will cherish for the rest of your life - just keep imagining the finish line!


And remember... ENJOY IT!




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