Finished your sections and need to add evidence to E DofE or lost your assessor  cards:

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Your DofE


 The DofE is such an amazing qualification because it shows you have self reliance, maturity and commitment.  So basically this means you have to be able to get out there and make things happen yourself if you wanna get the DofE!


This page will give you help with what you can do for the different DofE sections and give you help on what evidence to use to prove you have been doing the activities.  Please read all the information on the page before going any further.


For your volunteering, skill and physical rec sections we have done some research  and put together some lists of organisations that you may be able to use, there are 3 lists for 3 different areas so download the list for the area that you are in (they are on the left if you are on a computer or below if you are on a phone).


There are literally hundreds of activities you can do for the different DofE sections which are in a list on called 'list of activities'.  Important: If you see an activity you like the sound of on that list you will need to find a place locally where you can go to do the activity, where there will also be an adult that can be your 'assessor' for the activity.


Evidencing your DofE Activities:


Most of you will have  an adult that you see every time you do the activity that will be your assessor who will support you through the activity.  Once you have done the activity for the minimum number of months then they will write a report about you, either by submitting it online or handwriting on an assessor report card, download the 'logging in and adding evidence' document for more information .


If you are cooking at home for the skills section then remember to take photos each week to show your DofE leader.


If you go to the gym or swimming but don't have lessons or a personal training then download the activity log and get someone on reception, or a member of staff poolside or in the gym, to sign it to prove you have been that week.  If you are a member of a gym with a card you swipe each time you go ask them if they are able to print off a record of your attendance and you can use that instead..


Finished your sections?


Once you have finished your sections then you have to either upload photos of your the assessor reports to your EDofE account or ask your assessor to submit an online report, download the 'logging in and adding evidence' document for instructions on how to do both these options.


If you have lost your assessor cards you can download more on this page.


Just Starting the D of E?


Your leader will have given you an enrolment form and a parental information pack, if you have lost them then you can download more on the 'parents' page



Organisations in Your Area

Activites you can do for

the different sections

Info and Documents for Evidencing your sections