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Your DofE


The DofE is such an amazing award as it shows you have self reliance, maturity and commitment. So basically this means you have the integrity to be able to get out there and make things happen for yourself!


This page will help you chose activities, login to EDofE and upload your assessor reports and any required evidence. 

Your leader will have given you an enrolment form and a parental information pack, if you have lost them then you can download it on the 'parents' page

There are literally hundreds of activities you can do for the different DofE sections which are in 'list of activities'.  Please check the list to make sure you have chosen the correct section for your chosen activity.

Please note that for  Volunteering, it can't be for a venue that makes profit.

When you know what you are doing for each section, your next step is to get an assessor for each activity. This will be the person who will verify that you have attended your activity for the duration you have chosen. Example assessors are; football coaches if you play for a football team or cookery teacher if you chose cooking at home. When you have completed your timescale for the activity, ask your assessor to complete the assessor report (see 'adding assessor reports').

If you do not have a direct assessor (someone who sees you taking part in the activity every week) then you will need to provide additional evidence to show and discuss with your assessor e.g. cooking from home  (see 'evidence sheet for cooking'). You will also need to upload the evidence to EDofE.

If you have lost your assessor cards you can download more on this page.

Your Leader will also prepare you for your final expedition with training and a practice expedition (please make sure you attend all).




Info and Documents for Evidencing your sections

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