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Welcome leaders!


Lots of exciting paperwork on this page and some practice routes for margam.  Info is as follows:



Risk Assessments


I have put together a range of risk assessments, if you wish to use any of these risk assessments then you have to confirm with me that you understand the risk assessments and crucially you will implement any control measures, get in touch to do this.  


The risk assessments are grouped as follows:


1 - Generic set: risk assessments that cover risks that are relevant to all D of E expeditions


2 - Beacons set: this set comprises of 9 risk assessments covering different geographical areas of the beacons.  Each risk assessment also has a second page showing what area of the  map it covers.


3 - One for Margam Park and Some for the Gower

The gower file has assessments specific to the routes that start at rhossilli and finish on day 2 at oxwich camping at kennexstone. And specific to the circular routes around kennexstone. Finally there are two generic gower assessments for the whole area.



Training Guide and Operating Procedures


The training guide includes everything you need to cover as part of bronze and silver DofE expedition training and the operating procedures are our procedures for expeds undertaken from units with NPT.  Anyone involved with training and running DofE expedition needs to have read both of these.


New Starter Info Pack


The standard information pack to hand out to young people who have expressed and interest in doing their DofE.  Has info about the DofE and help with finding activities for the different sections.  The starter pack also has the consent form and enrolment form.


Risk Assessments

Procedures and

Training Guide

Info document and enrolment form

New Starter Info Pack