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DofE Sections During Covid-19

(this page has a section for those that started their DofE before Covid

and a section for those of you that are starting now)


If you started your DofE before Covid and completed the volunteering, skill and physical recreation sections, but not the expedition, then you can now get a DofE certificate for completing these three sections.  Just contact your leader, or Neil Hapgood, and let them know the following:


1 - What activity you did for each section and where you did it.

2 - Roughly when you started and finished the activity.

3 - Anything you learned or enjoyed about the activity.


You don't need to get anything signed by your assessor at the moment, just giving the information above to Neil or your teacher will be fine, we will then sign off your DofE.


If you are starting your DofE now then next on this page we will look at each section individually and think about what activities you can do for each section, remember you will need to keep evidence such as photos or written reports for each section to prove what you have been doing.




This is probably the section that will be the most different under Covid as normally the volunteering is all about being out in your community helping out.  If you are still able to do something in your community then please do, for example if a sports team you are involved with is still running then you could volunteer there coaching a younger team etc.  For more ideas on what you can do in the community then please click on the 'your DofE page' above and download the list for the area you live in.  Also ask in your school as there may be things you can do there for the volunteering.


Also have a think about if there is anything you can do locally, for example walking the dog for a neighbour who is shielding so can't leave the house.  


If you are not able to find something to do in the community then there are things you can do from home:


1 - Are you able to build a website or manage the social media feed for a club you are involved in?

2 - Do you have a younger brother or sister who you could help with their school work as if you do this for an hour a week it can count as your volunteering.

3 - Is there anyone in your house who you could teach a new skill to, for example could you give your parents lessons in IT or how to play and intrument you can play?

4 - You could organise an event each week in the house such as a games night, or you could give a presentation on a new topic you have learned about?


Make sure you follow @nptdofe on instagram as we will be updating with new ideas all the time.


Skill Section


There are thousands of new things you can learn for the skill section and lots of them can be done from home.  The most popular choices are:


1 - Cooking a meal once a week at home, you can choose what to cook, just make sure you learn some new cooking skills as you go.  Take photos each week you cook to show what you have been doing.

2 - Photography, you can take photos when you are out and about in your local area.  Once you have the photos then spend some time learning new ways to edit them, save the photos showing the different ways that you edited them and what you learned.  Also read up on how to compose a photo and try taking different photos of the same scene trying different composition techniques.

3 - Take an online course, you could do anything from learning an instrument, to learning a language to learning how to code.  There are hundreds of free online courses out there so decide what you want to do and learn something completely new!


Physical Recreation


This is the easiest section to complete under Covid.  If you aren't able to go to your usual sports club or gym then you can complete physical activity at home or in your local area.  You can run, walk or cycle locally, just use an app to prove you have been going, or think about completing fitness videos in the house, just keep a record of what you have done each week.